After already working for Meloton for over a decade Normann Büttner took over the studio in 2011 and rebuilt it completely with consequent sound proofing and perfect room acoustics. Our Foley-stage is equipped with an assortment of different doors and windows, diverse floor surfaces with varying resonance, a water basin, a massive block of solid concrete, mud and gravel pits and numerous more specially invented Foley-stage constructions and countless Foley props.

We would be pleased to dedicate our passion and commitment to the sound design of your film project.
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Welcome to Meloton Sound Effects,

At Meloton we provide professional Foley-recording, editing, premixing and sound design for cinema, TV and games.

Meloton Studio was founded in 1986 by famous Foley-artist Mel Kutbay
who has worked with such well-known directors like Bernhard Wicki,
Axel Corti, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Claude Chabrol, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Wolfgang Petersen and Volker Schlöndorff on films like
„The Boat“ (6 Oscar Nominations), „The Tin Drum“ (Oscar) or
„The Name Of The Rose“ to name just a few.
Many more award-winning films have been recorded in our Foley-stage such as „The Neverending Story“, „Homo Faber“ (German Film Award), „Der Bockerer“ (German Film Award), „Character“ (Oscar),
„Gloomy Sunday“ (Bavarian Film Award), „Nowhere In Africa“ (Oscar), „Mein Name ist Eugen“ (Swiss Film Award), „Vitus“ (Swiss Film Award), „Revanche“ (Oscar Nomination), „New Kids Turbo“ (Diamond Film, Netherlands), „R U There“ (Golden Calf for best sound design),
„The Wall“ (German Film Award for best Sound Design) and many more.

currently at the movies:

- Da Muss Mann Durch

- Mara Und Der Feuerbringer